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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Do we REALLY need another Blogger?

I think Homer Simpson summed it up best:

[to Marge]  
"I saw you desperately trying to cram one more salty treat into America's already bloated snack hole."

After much consideration, kiddies, I have decided to start my own blog.
And this is it.

And while I can't promise that there will be anything earth-shattering, I can promise that there will be plenty of nods to the Simpsons and Cheers, and likely random bizarre references I don't expect you to get.

And maybe an 'Ovechkin's mom's a whore' joke.   Or two.

Here's one of my favorites:
Knock Knock.
Who's There?
Ovechkin who?
Ovechkin's mom is a whore.

See how this is gonna work?
Feel free to follow, comment, and pass it around like a sorority girl  Smurfette.

[side note:  only 1 girl, and 100's no wonder they were blue!]

I hope you'll have fun here.
I know I will.  

I also wanted to come up with a unique signature.  Something that identified me.

Carol Burnett tugged her ear.

Johnny Carson swung an imaginary golf club.

Ann Coulter is a hateful cunt.

All unique, memorable identifiers.

So I'll be closing out each blog post with the following signature:


  1. Your signature is already taken. Remember "Sal the Finger"?

  2. The Blogosphere just got a little bit better today.

  3. Finally! All my favorite Homer Simpson and Norm Peterson quotes in one place. Consider me your biggest fan.

  4. All Hail the Emperor!

  5. Ahhhhhhh Lumpy! I bow before your greatness.

  6. All Hail the Emperor! Proving you are truly royalty, you have more followers for your blog in one day than I do in 10 months.:-) Worthy I is not to receive thy wisdom, but require it I do.

  7. Hail. Hail. This is great. I needed another way to waste more time at work each day.

  8. so...was this a one-time blog or will there be more? :)